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AME chemical pump co, Ltd

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AME chemical pump co, Ltd founded in 1999, is a professional chemical pump development, production, sales and service in one of the State-level high-tech enterprises.Company's main metal lining fluorine magnetic force pumps, magnetic pumps, corrosion-resistant chemical centrifugal pumps, corrosion-resistant products such as wear-resistant mortar pump, circulation pump, with those for metal magnetic driving pump, lines with fluorine magnetic force pumps and fluorine chemical centrifugal pump technology represents the highest level. Company NM metal magnetic pump series maximum power up to 315kW, maximum flow rate up to 1000m3/h, the biggest single lift up to 250m;IHF series of fluorine plastic centrifugal pumps, IMD fluoroplastics magnetic force pump manufacturing capabilities to achieve maximum flow rate up to 5000 m3/h 200kW,IHF/IHFS lined centrifugal pump.

AME chemical pump co, Ltd